Poly Beijing Mixed-Use Development

Beijing, China

A new “International Science and Technology Park” is being developed to the west of the Beijing International Airport, just north of the Fifth Ring Road that surrounds the city.  This ideal location was designated by the Government as an incubator area for industry leaders nationally and abroad.  At the center of this massive development are Parcels A05 and A26, which are designed to contain the tallest commercial buildings in the Park and sit atop the subway stations which will extend to the city center and beyond.  Additionally, the parcel is bordered by a large open park to the east and a river to the west that combine to make this site the epicenter of the new Technology Park, both visually and functionally.

Over 500,000 sm of mixed-use development is envisioned for both Parcels combined.  A mixture of indoor and outdoor retail activate the first three levels of the site, promoting access to the subway lines below and utilizing the west facing canal for pedestrian-only terracing across multiple levels.  A mixture office, hotel, soho and apartment towers have been arranged strategically throughout the parcels to ensure ample natural light penetrates to the ground while minimizing “view overlaps” for the towers themselves.  Each tower is intended to have its own character, therefore maintaining individuality, yet be united through a common material palette as a singular development.