Nanjing International Center – Phase 2

Nanjing, China

The Nanjing International Center Phase 2 project is located just west of Xuanwu Lake along Central Road, between New Mofan and Hunan Roads. The newly designed Phase 2 tower and podium will accommodate multiple program functions, including an imax theatre, retail, office, residential and hospitality. One of the main goals for the Phase 2 development is to establish an iconic individual character while maintaining a cohesive appearance with the existing Phase 1 towers. It will unify the development as a singular architectural statement bearing a powerful presence on the Nanjing skyline.

The tower is initially conceived as an extruded triangular floor plate sized to accommodate the program requirements. This form is inherently directional, and maximizes views to Xuanwu Lake and Purple Mountain for the occupants. The tower’s plan is further articulated with a series of stepped corners designed to create a repeating view that focuses towards the east. The geometric shape of the tower plan divides the tower mass into smaller components that add a sense of verticality to achieve a more elegant and slender profile.

The top of the Phase 2 tower is crowned with an angled roof to relate to the sloping tops of the Phase 1 towers. The crown will be highly visible from the east and the Nanjing Railway Station area. It will appear as a glowing lantern facing the lake with a series of vertical lights integrated into the façade along the south and north.

The site circulation strategy strives to clearly segregate service needs, vehicular traffic and pedestrian pathways in an intuitive manner given the variety of programmatic functions that are housed within the entire development. The residential entrance is located to the south and will share a roadway with Phase 1.  Vehicular access for the hotel/ballroom is accommodated at the west side of the site. The office entrance will be located with access from the North, along an existing curb cut that provides access to the Phase 1 towers as well. At the ground floor between the tower base and the podium, a covered open-air pedestrian plaza provides a sense of arrival and connectivity to the various program uses. The glass form at the tower base is continued around to the south façade for the residential entries.  All service and ramp access to lower levels are located at the west end of the site, far from pedestrian areas.

Both the tower and podium exterior will consist of a high-performance glass and metal enclosure system. The tower will feature floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize views and ambient light and will incorporate interior shading devices for thermal comfort and privacy. The façade design is intended to give the project an appropriate scale at the pedestrian level through transparency and texture while creating an iconic form at the larger scale of the city context.