Liberty Tower

Warsaw, Poland

Liberty Tower is a mixed-use development located prominently in downtown Warsaw. The project consists of a podium to house a hotel and retail functions, with a tower above that includes residential units.

The building is designed with the tower located to the southwest of the site while the podium portion is scaled to relate to the adjacent structures. To the north, the podium steps back as it rises, allowing for more daylight to reach the back of the site and the surrounding buildings.

The building is shaped to create vibrant and useful amenity spaces for the hotel and residences. Roof decks extend out in different directions, allowing for distinct views and daylight while maintaining a clear connection throughout the interior. A smaller mass extends to the west of the tower, providing a covered drop-off area for the hotel, as well as creating an interesting atmosphere for the restaurant on the second level.

At the base of the building, the hotel and supporting amenity spaces are located along the perimeter of an eight-story interior atrium space. The atrium allows daylight to enter deep into the building while reinforcing a connection to the outside. As the tower rises, three tiers of apartments span the height, capped by penthouse units and a second restaurant at the top. Featuring a roof deck on the southern side, the restaurant emphasizes daylight throughout the space and provides exceptional views across the city. A faceted façade helps emphasize the building’s verticality while expanding view angles on the interior and reducing reflections and glare.