Hyatt Regency Suzhou at Jinghope Square

Suzhou, China

The Hyatt Regency Suzhou at Jinghope Square is a 355-key hotel tower anchoring a large mixed-use development that also includes office, retail and apartment buildings. While each tower houses its own distinct program, the overall design attempts to unify the buildings into a singular complex through materiality and geometry. The sweeping geometric arcs of the buildings link the towers from an urban standpoint along the public street edge. Simultaneously, their arrangement on the site frames a series of internal “Suzhou style” gardens nestled within the complex.

Similar to Suzhou rock formations, each tower is uniquely distinguished within the complex through highly articulated exteriors. The hotel façade weaves multiple types of glass into a quilted pattern of light, which accentuates the cellular guestrooms while simultaneously unifying the tower expression. Additionally, protruding and recessed façade components create pockets of highlights and shadows that punctuate the tower massing, creating a sense of depth and emphasizing the radial tower geometry through the movement of the sun’s reflections. 

Internally, a full-height central atrium provides dramatic views and natural light throughout each guest floor corridor. Hotel amenities primarily occupy an adjacent stone plinth, which offers further unique views and abundant natural light for meeting spaces, restaurants and fitness facilities.