Guangzhou Luogang New Knowledge City

Guangzhou, China

The project site features a strong commercial presence and excellent transportation opportunities. It offers views and access to Phoenix Lake to the northwest, views to the mountains in the southwest and immediate adjacency to a retail waterfront to the west.

Overall parcel area consists of 208,000 square-meters. This includes 65,000 square-meters of Class-A Office, 40,000 square-meters of Loft Residential, 35,000 square-meters of Apartments, a 53,000 square-meter retail mall and 15,000 square meters of street retail.

The 150 meter-tall Class-A Office building anchors the highly visible northeast corner of the site. Its 2100 square-meter floor plate offers maximum efficiency and flexibility, as well as excellent views to the north green area and lake. The building exterior features a bold, yet simple expression of clean lines, articulated grid hierarchy and texture. Just west of the office tower, the Loft towers feature orthogonal floor plates of 1200 square-meters yet vary in orientation. They form a “group” with the office tower; their façade expression similarly features a bold grid of metal fins to create a sense of mid-distance character with a close-up level of detail. The south Apartment towers feature 1200 square-meter floor plates whose bar-like orientation maximizes north views and southern exposure. They maintain the architectural character of the development’s other towers, yet introduce extensive balconies to take advantage of the area’s temperate weather and views.

The centrally-located shopping mall takes advantage of the site conditions to link a bus station and subway to the southwest with the lake to the northwest. The site slopes over 3 meters from north to south. The mall’s ground floor is level with the south portion of the site and accessible to all pedestrians moving along the east-west retail corridor as well as to those emerging from the subway and bus station. The mall’s second level is 2m above the elevation at the higher north side of the site. A raised terrace on the north facilitates access to this level and also connects the mall with the office tower.

The shopping mall massing presents a continuous, vibrant presence to the east road, but breaks down in scale as it meets the street retail to the south and west. The shopping mall’s overall form takes on the stepping, terraced nature driven by the site slope but also recalls a more natural, geologic character as a natural outcropping of habitable rocks. Between these outcropping are spaces for gardens, outdoor dining, and vertical circulation. The mall’s façade provides a kinetic, angular character of lines with enough solidity to reinforce the geologic character of the shopping mall, yet is interspersed with advertising areas and transparency.

The street retail program consists of two-story buildings that line the south and west sides of the site. The south street retail buildings continue the east-west retail corridor and form an integral environment with the south side of the shopping mall. The west street retail faces the canal and creates a vibrant retail waterfront atmosphere. All street retail buildings feature textured masonry and glass facades and green roofs with outdoor dining spaces.