UBS Tower

Chicago, Illinois

UBS Tower is a state-of-the-art high rise with technical features that set it apart from former generations of Chicago office buildings. The building provides multiple telecom risers, raised floors and capacity for redundant energy and cooling systems to meet today’s modern business needs.

The tower is articulated in linen-finish stainless steel and energy efficient glass, and is distinguished by gently curved facades on the east and west sides. The building contains a series of setbacks that reflect the different floor plates, which were designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility.  At the building’s base is a dramatic 40-ft high stainless steel cable and glass netwall that creates a virtually transparent wall to expose the rich stone lobby to the outside.

A welcoming streetscape amenity is provided in the form of large circular granite planters that hold tall columnar trees and provide both a sitting and shading element for the thousands of pedestrians that traverse the plaza.