Chancheng Greenland Center Phase II Competition

Foshan, China

The project site is located at the center of the Chancheng District, with proximity to public facilities such as Wenhua Park, Pearl Stadium and the Asian Art Park. It has a significant presence along the urban financial business axis and falls within the Zu Temple commercial and cultural zone.  With adjacency to Jihua Road, a subway station located at the northeast corner of the site, and an on-site transit terminal, the development will benefit from a constant influx of visitors searching for cultural, commerce and leisure integrated comprehensive services.

The conceptual approach for the project is to maximize the site location’s significance by recognizing the park and subway as value-adding catalysts and formalizing a flowing path between them. The path becomes a series of landscaped open spaces or plazas, beginning with a large green space to the west of the site that is consistent with the vision of the original government master plan. Buildings are then distributed along the path in such a way as to establish meaningful programmatic connections, take advantage of external adjacencies and views, and provide clear and separate pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes.

Retail is the project’s life-blood and recognized as the most essential ingredient for a vibrant complex. The centralized retail is located at the north end of the site to create a presence along Jihua Road; it also has proximity to both the subway (northeast corner) and transit station (southeast corner). The neighborhood retail assumes an L-shape to the east and south sides of the site. It is adjacent to the residential population to the south, forming an urban edge whilst also maintaining permeability to bring people into the site. Neighborhood retail is also connected to the centralized retail by means of plazas and bridges. The transit station is integrated into this retail at the ground level and has easy access to the B1 level. In this way, all retail benefits from direct connections to the subway and transit stations at both Ground and B1 levels.

The landmark towers are meaningfully located on the site to work in tandem, yet achieve singular objectives. The super-tall office tower is positioned at the northeast corner of the site with direct proximity to the subway. Together with an adjacent traditional office building, it forms a “gateway” entrance from the East and creates a strong presence towards the approach from Guangzhou. The hotel and apartment tower is located to the west of the site; its position and triangular shape maximize views to Wenhua Park and its nearby public spaces. With its floating ballroom podium, this building forms the west “gateway” into the project.