111 South Wacker

Chicago, Illinois

111 South Wacker is designed as a state-of-the-art, multi-tenant office tower. The enclosure systems are used to express structure and technology, the essential components of today’s high-rise construction.

The building’s office space is positioned above seven floors of structured parking. The typical office floors are column-free, with 50- and 60-foot lease spans between the center core and the perimeter columns, allowing for optimal efficiency and flexibility. The building is enclosed with a curtain wall system featuring stainless steel V-shaped mullions that complement the vertical expression of the column cladding.

While the footprint of the building’s upper floors occupies almost the entire site, the building is open and spacious at street level. The openness of the lobby is enhanced by the cable-supported, water-white, non-reflective glass enclosure—the first elliptical cable wall in the world. Floor and ceiling patterns reflect the parking ramp above, creating a consistent, dynamic rhythm that energizes the space.

The building was designed from the outset with an emphasis on sustainability and LEED certification in mind. As a result of the sustainable design initiatives, the building became the first ever to be certified LEED-CS Gold.